Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Website

Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Website

When I first started designing my website I knew I wanted to incorporate a blog into it. I had learned that along with a newsletter, blogging was a great way to increase traffic to my site without having to regularly update the main website content. However, because I was still relatively fresh to running my own business, doubled with my newness to the virtual administration world, I had no idea what I could possibly write about. In addition, I was still uncertain of my writing skills in comparison to other well-established bloggers, so I bartered with a ghostwriter to get some posts written for me.

When she asked me what I wanted her to write about the first thing that came to mind was to blog about the steps to take to become a Virtual Assistant. I gave her some topics and she produced several blog posts for me. I was really pleased with the work but something about it was off. I realized later that the problem was that the blogs weren't written in my voice, I mean who can really write in your voice? So I just put the articles to the side as I lost inspiration for the blog.

About a year later I had decided to change my business name and with that came a complete rebrand and a fresh new website. I pondered the idea of a blog again and questioned what direction I wanted to take with it. Did I still want to write about how to become a virtual assistant? There were resources already available, of course, but none that could present this information from my point of view. "But wait!" I realized. I'm more than a virtual assistant. As an "Administrative Creative" I realized there was a ton of information out there that I could write about. With this epiphany I was inspired anew to launch my blog.

So, in a jist, I came up with some reasons as to why I should incorporate a blog into my website. If you are looking for some inspiration to start a blog or write your next post, this list may help you, too.

Why I Should Have a Blog on My Website

1. Increase traffic to my site

2. Further showcase my design skills,

3. Share my knowledge of admin topics.

4. Let visitors and clients get to know me.

5. Further incorporate my personality and voice into my site.

6. Share my favorite apps, programs and tools that I work with.

7. Generate leads.

8. Help generate content for my Social Media pages.

9. Create additional income with affiliate links and sponsored posts.

10. Build my email list

11. Improve my copy writing skills

Are there any other reasons you’d like to add to this list? Feel free to share them below.

Love, Peace and Blessings!

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