4 Reasons Why Interact is the Best Platform for Creating Online Quizzes

When I first began entertaining the idea of creating quizzes I thought it would be great to use them for lead generation. I really had no idea where to look or what platforms to use to create these courses. All I knew is that they were ever so popular on Facebook and that it would be cool if I could create a quiz and use the quiz results to funnel individuals to particular services I was offering. Now that I think of it, I had heard of typeforms and LeadQuizzes and I might have even explored and played with their platforms a bit but I wasn’t in love with either of these platforms enough to make me stick to them and build out my quizzes.




I wasn’t even looking for Interact. It sort of fell into my lap. Honestly, I had stopped thinking about quizzes and had completely abandoned the idea… but when I came across Interact my interest in quizzes for lead generation was renewed. That renewed sense of interest went from spark to flame when I saw:

1.  How Interact quizzes could be embedded onto my own website

2.  That Interact quizzes were completely white labeled

3.  Interact quizzes could be integrated with my email marketing software.

4.  That Interact offered more than just quizzes. You can also create polls and giveaways!

I also appreciated that they had helpful articles to walk you through creating different types of quizzes like this one, How to Make an Interactive Quiz.





As I mentioned earlier, I chose outsourcing as the topic because I could get leads for my services. I also chose the topic of outsourcing to help my fellow entrepreneurs and business owners that may be in the solopreneur mindset. When I first started my business in 2016 the solopreneur ideal was really popular. I remember feeling so accomplished for starting my business. I was determined to do everything myself. To be honest, I couldn’t afford to hire someone to design my website and do my branding but I was also trying to prove a point to myself and to potential leads that I could do EVERYTHING just to book the next project.

That got old real quick! I was overbooking myself, overwhelming myself and not spending enough quality time with my children. As a single Mother this wasn’t cool.

Sure, things have got to move in steps and stages. In the beginning we may need to work a little harder to build our portfolios or grow a solid client base but in most cases after a while we should be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor be it through enjoying multiple revenue streams from courses, products and membership or even affiliate marketing.

This quiz, Do You Need to Start Outsourcing? helps identify all of that.




It was easy to add the title, customize the description and import the cover image after I sized it accordingly in PhotoShop. I think it’s helpful to use an unbranded image that relates to the topic at hand for your particular quiz.





The most difficult part of creating the quizzes was coming up with the questions. When I say difficult I mean this is where I spent the most time because once I came up with my quiz topic, wrote out my questions and mapped my results, the rest of the design process was fairly easy. 

Now, when I’m creating ads and writing copy for my business or even my clients’ businesses I often ask questions that relate to some of the challenges my target audience would be experiencing. I took the same approach in the case of my quiz. I wanted to help business owners identify their level of stuck in their businesses. I wanted to help them look past the cost of outsourcing and help them change their point of view from them seeing it as an expense they can’t afford to seeing outsourcing as an investment in their business to help them grow. I scrolled through a couple of Facebook groups that I’m a member of and searched terms like overwhelmed, busy, outsourcing, and sub-contracting and found a plethora of results to help me. The results below are from an archived Facebook group that I refer to often for information, ideas and inspiration.





For this quiz, I chose the assessment style and two results, Outsource Your Creative Tasks and Outsource Your Administrative Tasks. Outsource Your Creative Tasks correlates to the non creative entrepreneurs who need help with creative tasks while Outsource Your Administrative tasks correlates to the creative entrepreneurs who may need assistance with administrative tasks. Of course there are those who need help in both areas but I think it makes more of an impact to help them identify with either category.





The whole process of adding my questions and results editing setting up the correlation to point certain answers to certain results was really easy to do.





All in all, I’m really stoked about Interact! It took what I thought was a daunting task and really made it easy. I really love the other features of Interact including the giveaway and polls. Stay tuned for a post about using those specific features. I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to create a quiz of your own! I’m super excited about creating more quizzes now.

If you’ve been interested in creating quizzes, check out Interact

Once you’ve set up your first quiz, be sure to share a link to yours below, I’d love to check it out. 



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