Why Flodesk is the Best Email Platform for Creatives + 50% Coupon Inside

When I first started my business back in July 2016 I learned right away that email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. I decided to start using Mailchimp because it was free and I had prior experience with using Mailchimp for my clients. Despite my experience I found the interface to be a bit bulky and that I had to know a but of coding to get the forms and newsletters to look exactly like I wanted them. Gratefully I had a tad of html savvy from all the customization I used to do on my MySpace profile. But I was often put off from writing up emails because I couldn’t get the newsletter quite the way I wanted it to look.

Then I migrated to Convertkit. Again, the biggest drawback for me with Convertkit was how long it took to design beautiful emails with images and branding. I had to create a custom html template to get my emails to look just remotely like I wanted them to. Honestly, I’d rather save coding for web design.




I opened up an email from one of my associates and I was like, ‘WOAH!’ aside from the email copy, I was super impressed with everything about the email and how gorgeous the email was from the unique layout to the script fonts and the Instagram profile at the bottom of the email. I clicked on over to find out what Flodesk was all about and within minutes of looking at the platform I was sold. Here are a few reasons why I switched from Convertkit to Flodesk for my email marketing.




Flodesk charges a flat monthly rate which doesn’t increase as your list increases, unlike other email marketing platforms like Convertkit and Mailchimp. So, whether you have a list of 500 or 5,000 subscribers you are paying the same price which is currently $38 a month, but get this…if you use my referral/coupon code, you can get locked in at 50% off. That’s $19 a month! Now I must say that they are a fairly new email marketing platform but this is still a super value which will continue to grow as new features are steadily being introduced. You’ll retain grandfather pricing no matter how much prices may increase later on. I’m not sure how much longer this 50% off will last so I’d lock in that pricing as soon as possible.




Remember I mentioned gorgeous unique email layouts? Well that’s all thanks to the minimal, live, front-end design platform. When you are ready to create an email you can either choose one of Flodesk’s many templates or design your email email from scratch with ease. I was able to have my first email ready to send out in minutes.

Flodesk also automatically saves your changes, gives you real-time updates and has undo and redo buttons so you can quickly go back a few steps if you’ve made a mistake. So, you can say buh bye to what seemed like endless clicking to save your template…preview your template…then create your emails and then sending yourself a copy and just to see what it looks like. Using Flodesk has made creating emails a pleasurable if not joyful experience for me.



Another design perk from Flodesk is the ability to easily incorporate my branding. I’ve worked so hard to brand my business and it shouldn’t be lost in my emails. With Flodesk I can create colorful emails, use script fonts, add photos, and gifs all for the makings of emails with pizzazz and personality that my subscribers will want to read. And this is done all without a single line of code.





On the preferences tab I can add my logo and my social media accounts so they’ll display at the bottom of each email. I can also integrate my Instagram account which will also display at the bottom of my emails. This is an especially great feature because if I gave a call to action or ask my subscribers a question, they could quickly access my Instagram profile comment or reply on the corresponding post. Can I get two snaps for engagement!





I like how Flodesk allows you to save your subscribers in segments instead of one giant list with different tags, I can create different segments for different offers, courses, and demographics and I can create individual signup forms for these segments. You also have the option of redirecting new subscribers to specific custom urls. This can be handy for when people sign ups for your email list outside of your website (like app on Facebook page) to immediately draw them in to your website for sales or specific offers. I also appreciate that I can name my emails differently from the subject line so that I know what that specific email is about without having to open it up.




Flodesk is steadily adding new features to the platform so the list of favorite features or things I love about Flodesk will continue to grow but I just really appreciate the ease of designing beautiful emails that I can customize to match my branding that my subscribers will want to read. If you’d like to give Flodesk a try remember to use my referral code referral code to save 50% on your account and lock in a flat monthly rate of $19 a month for unlimited subscribers.



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