[Video] How to Connect Interact and Flodesk to Engage Your Audience and Grow Your Email List

The Genius Way to Connect Flodesk and Interact to Engage Your Audience and Grow Your Email List

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If you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking for the best way to engage your audience and grow your email list, the best combination out there is the use of Interact, an interactive quiz platform, and Flodesk, a minimalist  gorgeous front end email marketing platform.

I’ve talked about both Interact and Flodesk before but I’m talking about both of these platforms on my blog again because I wanted to show you how you can use Flodesk to get optins for your Interact quiz and deliver results through designated pages on your website.

Currently, Interact does not have an automatic integration option with Flodesk so besides manually exporting your subscribers via csv file and uploading them to the appropriate segments to start the workflows, I feel this method I am going to show you is the best option for delivering interactive results on your own website.

Let’s get started!



For this tutorial I won’t go over how to create the quiz itself. Feel free to read my previous blog post on Interact which will give you some insight into designing your quiz.


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The first thing I suggest, after you’ve created your quiz and finished styling your quiz to your liking is to create the web pages that will be associated with the quiz.

These will include:

1. Optin Page

This is where you’ll embed the Flodesk inline form code block

2. Quiz Cover Page

This is where you’ll embed your quiz code block

3. Results Pages

The amount of results pages that you have will vary depending on how many results you have.




1.  Copy the direct URL for your quiz from Interact, we’ll need this shortly

2.  Head into Flodesk and create a new inline form

2.  Style your form to your brand preference

3.  Choose whether or not you want to be notified per each new subscriber

4.  Choose redirect to url

5.  Paste the direct URL from your quiz that we copied earlier




1.  Copy the from block code from the Flodesk

2.  Paste that code block into an html block in the Optin Page that you created earlier in WordPress




Now we’re going to link the results pages that we created earlier in WordPress to the appropriate results in Interact.

Important: Make sure you turn off “enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz” You are already collecting email address when your audience optins to the quiz so you won’t need to do this through Interact.

1. Copy the first results page url from the results pages that you created in WordPress

2. Paste the url in the appropriate results section for each result in Interact Rinse and repeat.

3. Publish your changes




1. Get the embed code for your quiz.

Important: Be sure to enable the first and the last options and copy the Javascript embed code. This ensures that your quiz will resize to fit container and that your quiz will redirect to the results pages properly.

2. Now let’s Paste that code block into an html block in the Quiz Page that you created in WordPress.

3. Save


Now visit your quiz optin page and take the quiz just to go through the process and marvel at your own lovely quiz sequence.



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If you use this method to connect your Flodesk optin form to you Interact quiz I’d love to check out your results. Feel free to leave me a comment below with your optin page so I can check it out. 



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