Setting Priorities in a Hectic State of Mind

Setting Priorities in a Hectic State of Mind

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It's been a while since I've written a blog post. Heck, it's been a while since I've had enough clarity to work in my business at all. There are times when life just gets tough, so tough that it is really hard to bounce back. When it came to my business, I didn't know if I could bounce back.

When I think about it, here we are in the fourth quarter and due to my current circumstances, I lost valuable time that I needed to prep for this final quarter and potentially profitable time of the year. I am grateful that the few clients and pending projects that I did have were gracious and understanding enough when I explained my circumstances to them that they still wanted to work with me.

I'm sure you've all experienced troubling times in some shape or form, especially as a business owner. In both our personal and professional lives, we all have different levels of resources, support and endurance to get us through those times and let me tell you, if it weren't for family, I don't know where I would be right about now.

As the head of household and a work-at-home Mother, my days are busy from sun up to sun down. It's during these times that I realize how important it is to plan, schedule and have some organization in my life. Because I have multiple projects going at once, two children's schedules to coordinate and me and my partner's lives to keep in consideration, if I don't schedule, plan and prioritize, I begin to feel overwhelmed and lose focus and when I look back at my day I feel like I didn't get diddly squat done.

What's my point? Well, it isn't to whine to you all, I promise.

As I am sharing my personal story with you all I confess that as I became more overwhelmed I neglected to write down and prioritize my goals and tasks. My idea of "me time" was a nap or binge-watching a show on Netflix at two in the morning when I should have been asleep. It is terribly easy to fall into a routine of clutter, disorganization, and chaos. For me, the less effort I spend on planning and organization, the more I find myself feeling overwhelmed and losing track of things.

If you find yourself in a slump or hectic mess, I want to encourage you today to make a change, just as I had to. I created this Priority and Goal Worksheet to help me keep track of my goals.

I welcome you to download a copy of this Priority and Goal Worksheet, find a comfy corner (no napping) and work on your goals. Remember, you'll want to regularly review your worksheets to ensure that you are staying on tasks and completing the steps you outlined for yourself.

I hope this worksheet brings you some value. If you feel open to it, let me know how this worksheet helped you.

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