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Successfully scale their businesses, wow their clients, and still show up for life!

Hi there, I'm Rendesia!

Managing a company, operating a business, or pursuing your latest entrepreneurial venture can be very demanding. Every business ought to have a chance to represent themselves in the best light and in this visually-driven, social, technological world, a great message or service will often get overlooked if it is not represented with the best designs from branding on up.

I love working with small business owners, bosses and leaders, assisting them with administration, branding, design and social media so they can wow their clients, successfully scale their businesses and still show up for life.

It’s time to have someone on your team that can set systems in place and keep them running smoothly so you can get back precious time to do more of the things you love.

What I Do

Virtual Administration

Take your business or venture to the next level with an administrative consultant like me to take the reigns and handle your back office tasks.


I bring my own unique style to help you tell your story visually by developing a brand that speaks directly to your dream clients.

Graphic Design

I love graphic design! I offer a range of design packages to help entrepreneurs and professionals speak life about their businesses through great design.

Social Media Management

Let’s make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so you can reach more customers online, make those great connections and generate more sales.

Web Design

A website serves as the virtual storefront of your business. My mission is to help you show off your personality and your unique selling point through a great web site. 

I love the consistent high quality work that I receive from [Rendesia, from] logo designs to event flyer design, business card design, web design and business ad design.

Shakarra Knox

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When you’re building up your brand via blogging, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself and control your brand story.

When you are building up your brand via blogging, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself and control your brand story.

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