Put That To-Do List
Out of Commision

Want to elevate your brand, automate and optimize your systems but just can’t find the time?

Shouldn’t Be
Your Norm

You’ve worked hard to create your business, I see you! Even though you know you need it, it can be so hard to find time to work on tasks within your own business with a calendar full of client work.

With doctors appointments, homework and projects with your children and other errands you have to run throughout the day, when you finally do find three hours you’re so exhausted that you don’t have the mental capacity to think. Don’t even get me started on finding time for selfcare?

What if I told you there was a way to break through the noise and complete that punch list that’s been getting longer and collecting dust…with ease…

Introducing 1:1 Dedicated Days

Say goodbye to the traditional project timeline that often takes weeks to complete
  • Map Out and Implement Your New Funnel
  • Finally Create That Email Sequence
  • Set Up Your New Course Platform or Map Out a New Course
  • Update Your Dubsado Forms and Workflows
  • Create a Landing Page for Your New Offer
  • Create a Delegation System
  • Optimize Your Project Management
  • Create a Freebie to Build Your List?
  • Need Social Media Graphics or Templates?
  • Does Your Website Need a Refresh?
  • Schedule Out Social Media for the Quarter
  • Support and Editing for Your Video Content
  • Get Your Videos Transcribed and Uploaded
  • all in a day!
1:1 dedicated days

So, What’s the Process?

1:1 Dedicated Days are the perfect option for the multi-passionate entrepreneur that needs to do some heavy lifting in their business without losing momentum.

Rest assured knowing you’ll get high-end deliverables and tasks completed in one awesome day where it’s all about you!

Create more Income with ease

You work miracles for your clients but lately the din of of multi-tasking and hustle mode has cast a shadow over it all.

Let me help you get back to doing what you love with:

  • Beautiful Branding and Designs
  • A Website Refresh
  • Optimized Onboarding
  • A Stash of Premium Tools
  • Automation That Works for You 24/7
  • Fast Delivery
  • High-End Deliverables
  • Project Management

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hours of time and frustration because you’ll know that the work is being done by someone with expertise…all in a day!

Frequently Asked Questions

The investment for each session is $1,350.00

For a limited time you can claim my Beta Launch price is $750.00 with code DDBETA50

Each 1:1 Dedicated Days session IS 6 hours.

In addition there will be a 30 minute to 1-hour brainstorming session before our scheduled work session.

Yes, however those are reserved for current clients.

I design templates in both Adobe Photoshop and Canva. I’ve worked extensively in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premier Prop for 5+ years. I also use Canva for client projects such as templates (logo design or vector graphics excluded). 

If I haven’t received your content, such as images, copy, and passwords after my client questionnaires have been sent, and 2 days before our 1-hour Video Kick-Off Call, I will ask you to reschedule to a time when your content is ready.

Yes! These projects have a longer timeline to completion. Check them out here: Brand Design