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You became an entrepreneur because you genuinely care about the people you serve and you have a skill set to make their lives easier. Providing entrepreneurs with what they need has brought you so much joy and it’s clear that this is your calling in life. Not to mention the freedom of making your own decisions and working for yourself on your own terms.

But recently, you’ve been so busy spending time on client work that you have neglected your own business. You know, the marketing, social media, visual assets, your email marketing, that course you’ve been wanting to launch….

I get it!

being so focused on the inside can make it difficult to take the time to handle these tasks. It’s time to team up with a designer and creative strategist who will work closely with you to help you…

An outside perspective from someone with strategy and design expertise will make all the difference for you.

Let me help you achieve a healthy work life symbiosis so you can get back to enjoying more of the people and things you love!

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Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for challenges, courses, templates and accountability to help you continue to build a business you love.

1:1 Dedicated Days

Let’s work one on one, cut through distractions and get high-end deliverables completed in one awesome day where it’s all about you!

HI THERE, I’M Rendesia

I’m a designer and creative strategist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and changemakers grow profitable and sustainable businesses on autopilot with beautiful brands, awesome designs and WordPress websites.

I believe that running a profitable business takes more than just passion or knowing what you’re doing — it also requires the right systems and automation to not only help you do it more efficiently but to get you back time. Pair those essentials with beautiful branding, consistent visuals and a stellar website and you’ve got a powerful brand!

If you’re looking to optimize your business and client experience, help your brand shine and grow sustainably and get back time to do more of what you love, you’re in the right place. Let’s connect!

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This encouraging and supportive community — led by a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years experience, is the perfect place to find the motivation, expertise and feedback you need to build a business that you love and that loves you back.